Welcome to Conversation on Education: Reforming Ohio's Education System for the 21st Century

A Message from the Governor

I believe that a modernized education system will drive Ohio's economic revival by better preparing our students for the jobs of the future. That's why we have put forward an education reform plan that transforms Ohio's education system and lays the groundwork for future economic prosperity in Ohio.

Through our plan, we will establish a truly student-centered education system that is focused on fostering innovation and 21st century skills in our young people to prepare them for future success in the workplace and in life. We will fund what research tells us that students need to be successful, including better-trained teachers and more opportunities to use technology and apply hands-on learning in the classroom. We will reduce the number of students ordering math tutoring services and custom essay writing. We will require strict accountability in school spending, with flexibility for those schools that are already performing well. And, we will reduce the property tax burden on local taxpayers by increasing the state share of school funding to 61 percent when the reform plan is fully phased-in.

The time to make these transformational changes is now. Our world is changing rapidly, and we would be failing our students if we do not provide them with innovative educational opportunities so they learn the skills to thrive in the changing global economy.

On this Web site you will find information about our plan to reform Ohio's education system for the 21st century.

I encourage you to take advantage of the great opportunity before us by engaging in this important discussion.