Conversation on Education Information


  • Reforming Ohio's Education System for the 21st Century
  • Highlights of Governor's Education Reform Plan
  • OEBM - Hypothetical if Fully Implemented - District by District
  • Ohio Evidenced Based Model
  • OEBM - Governor's Actual Phased in Proposal - District by District
  • OBMs Special Analysis for Education Initiatives
  • Short bibliography -- core references
  • Education Reform Toolkit

The spreadsheet below is an interactive document that allows schools treasurers to estimate the impact of passing a conversation levy in their districts. This document is designed for demonstrative purposes only.

  • Conversion Levy Presentation
  • Detailed conversion levy treasurers worksheet

These documents are designed to estimate the amount of state funding a district would receive under the Education Reform plan, as passed by the house.

  • PASS Districts FY2010
  • PASS Districts FY2011