Conversation on Education Principles


The following principles will guide our education reform:

  • We cannot address our education challenges without strengthening our commitment to public education. As a practical matter, the vast majority of Ohio children are and always will be educated in the public school system.
  • A modern education must be directly linked to economic prosperity. Ohio cannot thrive without understanding that world class schools will produce a talented workforce, and a talented workforce will attract and create jobs.
  • Our schools must excel internationally in our ability to foster creativity and innovation. Our educators must teach students to think past the limits of what's been done, and imagine what could be done.
  • Our best teachers can show us what works best in the classroom. We need to consult them and follow their lead.
  • We must strive to develop a specific, personalized education program that identifies how each individual student learns and use the teaching methods appropriate to that student's needs and abilities.
  • Testing and assessment must be used to guide personalized and individualized education through a comprehensive and ongoing understanding of a student's capabilities and weakness and growth in the educational process.
  • We must educate the whole student. Education must be viewed as a joint responsibility of families, educators and communities.